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Embark on a Mystical Journey with the Ba'als

Venture to the mystic isles of the old gods, the Ba'als, with our hero in this epic journey. Prove your worthiness by battling challenging courses, facing diverse enemies, overcoming obstacles, and defeating the usurping witch to liberate the people.

Immerse yourself in the story-driven hack n' slash game, inspired by the untapped ancient civilizations of the Middle East. The story begins with the creation of the One World, One Universe by the Great Presence and the five Ba'als, and the entrustment of a human, the Custodian, to rule over humanity. However, peace was disrupted when a witch killed the Custodian and claimed the throne. In response, Hadad, the Ba'al of sands, chose a hero to restore peace and end the chaos.

Unleash the full potential of your Rooh powers through 64 possible combos, 16 unique abilities and attacks, 4 distinctive weapons, and 2 transformative modes in the dynamic combat system.

Explore 5 different levels and 9 intriguing locations filled with hidden artifacts and Easter Eggs.

Minimum Requirements:

Nvidia GTX 660 (2GB) GPU

Dual-core 2GHz processor


9.5GB HDD storage

Recommended Requirements:

Nvidia GTX 960 (4GB) GPU

Quad-core 2GHz processor




Buy Now
On Sale!
90% Off
$10.00 $1.00 USD or more

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The Empress: Awakening 9 GB
Version 1

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